Thursday, December 01, 2005

WHO no longer hires smokers

A spokesperson for the World Health Organisation (who has been spear-heading anti-tobacco campaigns for years) has said today that the WHO no longer recruited smokers and that this new policy was not discriminatory (since their legal department did not oppose the new dispositions).

“WHO has a smoke-free environment and does not recruit smokers or other tobacco users.” Can now be read at the bottom of every application form for any position with the WHO following the implementation of the new policy today.

Each applicant is asked if they are smokers and if they would continue smoking should the WHO offer them a position. A positive answer to both questions automatically disqualifies the applicant who will not be offered an interview according to spokesman Iain Simpson. If the new hires do not keep their promise to quit smoking, their contract will be cancelled.

Hmmm… One less organization for me to work for in the future, especially considering my new employer! I am not sure how this new policy is non-discriminatory though. It's not as if tobacco wasn't addictive or anything. Surely, if someone is at least showing signs of trying to quit this should be enough?

Source: Le Monde

Categories: World Health Organisation; smoking