Thursday, August 25, 2005

The day after the day before

Well, that was excellent!!!
Got to Ballsbridge around 5:45pm and despite my deepest fears, got no troubles finding anywhere to park... Proceeded to have the greasiest and most expensive chicken burger of my life... Eventually made it to a rather empty Lansdowne Road.

Within half an hour of being there, we had bumped into 2 different people we knew, all sitting in the same stand as us. this is Ireland for you. You would never be able to get away even if you wanted to!

Anyway, we had missed Gem and a little bit of Maroon 5 by the time we got there. Franz Ferdinand were really good, funny. Alex (the lead singer) is obviously considered by many to be a little heartbreaker, which he seemed to be quite happy with! Alex, a word of advice though... Keep your mike in front of your mouth when you sing. We'll hear you better. :)

After that, they drew the curtains on stage, getting ready for the final act... By then, we had decided to go and meet a friend of mine who was in the opposite stand / go to the loo. Now, I didn't do the loo bit but I've heard about it. Sounds traumatic. Of course, women being women, beer being beer and loos being what they are, queues of less than 50 women were unavoidable. They even opened the men's to try and get people moving but all it resulted in was women trying to relieve themselves in urinals and not necessarily doing a good job in the aiming department... I'm glad I wasn't there, even if by that time I was waiting in the pouring rain for my friend to show up... Rain or walking in pee? Hmm... It's a tough one!

Then Scissor Sisters came on, Ana Matronic working the crowd like nothing I'd seen before and Jake Shears shaking and strutting his stuff like nobody else... The stage was great, the atmosphere electric, the crowd dancing and singing, they were 9as predicted) the quintessence of camp and fabulousness.

As for the weather report: yes, it rained. Yes, my feet were frozen. But I didn't really care, to be perfectly honest!

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