Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Which Trojan-war era woman are you?

Penelope -- The long-suffering wife of Odysseus. She was awarded to Odysseus by her uncle for the Ithacans idea of the Oath of Tyndareus. While Odysseus was at war, many suitors wished to marry Queen Penelope. She kept them at bay by saying she would choose one after she finished weaving the Shroud of Laertes. Each day she wove the shroud, and each night she unraveled it. After twenty years, Odysseus returned to Ithaca in disguise to protect himself from the suitors, who had since realized Penelopes trick. Penelope presented his old bow to the suitors, telling them she would marry the man who could bend it. When only Odysseus himself succeeded, she knew her husband had returned. After his death, Penelope was made immortal by Circe and sent to the Islands of the Blest.

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F said...

Apparently I'm Andromache -- The beloved wife of Hector. She was not considered pretty, but Hector loved her anyway. She hated Helen, considering her to blame for the war. Andromache begged Hector not to fight several times, rightfully afraid he would leave her widowed. His greatest fear was seeing her enslaved by the Achaeans. After his death, Andromache fell into despair, taking what comfort she could in her only son, Astyanax. During the Fall of Troy, Neoptolemus threw Astyanax from the high wall, and then took Andromache as his concubine. His wife, Hermione, sought to murder the rival. Menelaus too conspired against her, and she was saved only by the father of Achilles. Neoptolemus was killed by Orestes, and Andromache then married Hectors brother Helenus.