Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Louis, you're such a drama queen

Are the X Factor ratings in so much trouble that they need a publicity stunt every week? After rumours of rule changes the other week, Louis Walsh has now alledgedly left the show. The glass of water Sharon Osbourne threw over his head last week was apparently... the last straw. He should have known better than to mention Ozzy's drugs. It would seem that crisis talks are being held. I guess that means that Louis will make a much-publicised comeback soon. Better 2 stunts than 1 I say!

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ainelivia said...

Ah... you've come to the same conclusion, it is a publicity stunt.

London Denizen said...

Not that I watch it or anything (not having a TV), but I heard on Five Live this morning that he'll be back on the show this weekend.

Ireland's cultural exports - who'd have them?