Monday, November 14, 2005

The wonders of blog surfing

I have just found what would be the funniest blog out there... if the blogger wasn't completely serious. 90% of his message is a pro-life one, post after post. I don't agree with him but that's a matter of opinion and I wouldn't slate him for being a pro-lifer. I know some. I live amongst them. My best friend is one. (Gold star to whoever chuckled at this and can tell me why).

However, apart from anti-abortion propaganda, we also owe him pearls of wisdom and metaphysical questions to ponder for the rest of our lives. These include:

On the highly controversial subject... of the Olympics:
Has no one given some consideration to the children amidst the vile abomination we've come to know as the Olympics?

Ermm... No?
The Olympics began roughly 3000 years after God created the earth...

Oh so you're one of them, huh?
Our role models have become men in tight clothes who twirl mystically on the ice; and women so masculine in all natures that their mothers would recoil in horror at the sight of them.

On the subject of prayer in school, he does wonder
why on earth would we want prayer to be either mandatory, optional, or available in schools?
it would seem that his reasons are far from the ones I would have used as he continues by wondering
Why would we allow either secular or religious teachers to bastardize prayer and use it in a deformed manner to pervert school children. Prayer should be taught and conducted by religious authorities alone.

On the subject of homosexuality, at the beginning of a post called "Helping Homosexuals Through Prayer" where the author claims that prayer can cure us:

There are several admitted homosexuals in my congregation. Most churches forbid homosexuals to worship, but we worked out a deal with the four men and two women who engage in homosexual acts. They are deathly afraid of the hellfire that awaits them in the next life so we arranged to have them sit behind a curtain while the church is in session. Some of the older people are not comfortable, so the homosexuals must leave though the back of the church.

People DO that???

One lesbian there has apparently not had sexual intercourse with another woman in 2 years thanks to the prayers of this congregation. Out of the 6 "out" gays in the Parish (sometimes, I bet they wished they could find that closet door again), she's the only one "Doctor Life" talks about. However, this woman's "progress" is good enough for him as he now suggests that "churches embrace homosexuals like we do and help them overcome their disability."
Who needs friends, huh?

One the subject of rape
When a woman is raped, no matter how horrible that particular act might be, one must question the reason for the occurance. Was it an act of man out of control - insighting violence from within his own sinful being? Or is it an agent of God acting to punish that particular woman for her sins? An interesting question. God acts in mysterious ways.

Didn't think there was anything "interesting" about this question.

And if you ever wonder if there is even ONE reason why you shouldn't chain your wife to the kitchen sink, remind yourself that you would be saving the world by doing so as Feminism is the beginning of the end, ladies and gentlemen:
Feminism has been a disaster for wentern nations in the past century. Since women pushed to be recognized as "people" under the law, several catastrophic things have happened which have, I believe, led to the systematic breakdown of the historical strengths that the west was founded upon. By granting women the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to live automomous to men, the right to equal pay, the establishment essentially allowed for a complete uprooting of tradition values.

...Feminism, therefore, has meant an absurdly rapid shift from the strong Christian-based societies that existed prior to WWI to a sick, twisted, pornographic, homosexual, broken culture. Divorce rates, abortion rates, murder, infidelity, secularization, crime, filth...all of these things can in some way be connected with the stupidity of feminism and the granting of equal rights to women under the law.

And did you know there was a link between homosexuality and abortion? I certainly didn't. I would explain to you what it is if I could make sense of his post. Something about the queers expropriating the Civil Rights Movement, turning "Martin Luther King into a spokesman for the evilest of buggery" and something about women (again) wanting control of their own bodies and defending their rights to abortion. Don't see it? Neither do I.


Greywulf said...

Ja. I've seen his blog. It's amazing he's allowed out in public without some kind of supervision order.

People like him should be electronically tagged and the tag should be powered form the mains so he couldn't stray more than 10 feet from his power outlet.

But he should definitely still be allowed to blog. It's the funniest site I've seen for a long time :)

Apparently, he's "praying for me". I'm not entirely sure I want him to. God might just be listenning.

EWI said...

And did you know there was a link between homosexuality and abortion?

'Course there is! It's all the fault of hedonistic porn liberalism. And Bill Clinton's p*nis.

Suzy said...

now that is interesting, Dr. Life commenting on a posting on another blog I am an author on - I just saw prolife on the site and thought it was spam.

Daedalus said...

for a moment there i thought you had gotten that stuff of an al-qaeda site. i mean, the views on women are exactly the same.

as far as homosexuality and abortion- i wasn't aware that gay couples could physiologically get themselves pregnant. hmm...

Doctor Life said...

Have you ever even read a book? You are a fool at best! God Bless you...I guess.

Rob said...

Ah, that was a laugh sure it was...

Not really sure what else to say. I grew up amongst extremists, I find it hard to believe ten years after leaving that town and that mentality behind me that such people can still exist in the west, but here we are, and so are they...