Thursday, October 20, 2005

CIE taking the piss (again)

I heard on the radio the other day (and was reminded about this issue by Mental Meanderings) that Irish Rail are actually looking for a 10% increase in fares. Cause you know what? Upgrading the network costs money. No shit.

But haven't you had time to save money in the last 20 years when you have done nothing to the network, the trains or anything else?

Luckily enough, it sounds like Irish Rail are unlikely to get their 10% increase. Maybe cause it's unjustifiable? So they'll get 7.5% instead or something to that effect.

Meanwhile, I receive regular e-mails from SNCF (the French national railway company) reminding me that I can now book my train ticket 3 months in advance, that I can do so online, that I can choose my seat, the air conditioning and the toilets will be working, we will not have to change the engine en route and there will be tea, coffee and sandwiches served in the restaurant.

I will travel in a train that looks this and that a trip from Paris to Nantes for instance will last 2 hours and 8 minutes to cover 400 kilometres and that it will cost me EUR20 one way.

That's when I want to cry.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking hell. Yeah the trains in Germany make me jealous aswell. The bahn. A feckin joy to be on. Oh yeah half a bottle of still water on irish Raile - 4.50. Not even a FULL bottle. Stale sandwich: 5 Euo. Having to stand for 3 hours beside a rank toilet. Priceless.

Cadavre Exquis said...


Thibaud said...

Ben ouais, nous on est les meilleurs avec le Tégévé :-p