Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Roma here we come!!!

1 day 17 hours and 43 minutes before we land in Rome...

Weather forecast isn't that bad (better than it was a few days ago anyway), travel guide has been bought if not studied, flight details are printed off, B&B booked and passports are... well... somewhere.

Let's hope that this time Dublin Airport doesn't turn into the same fiasco...

I'm even going to try and take nice pictures I will post here when we get back, just for Eole who takes some really cool pictures like these I'm rather jealous of!!!


Eole in Cork said...

Hey there !

Thank you for your loving kindness. But there is nothing to be jealous of on my site. Furthermore, I would be glad to help to improve yours!

Digital camera helps, you can try ever and ever :-D

By the way, I was expecting some shots in your blog post... Where are the pictures ?

Cadavre Exquis said...

Well thanks for the offer.. I might take you up on it when I have an idea of what I'd like on it!